Photo Art

Original invitation cards
Invite people in style... 

You're having the event of a lifetime, whether it's your wedding, birth of your child, throwing a hell of a party,
you'll want to impress with your invitation!
You have  a great idea for card, but it just doesn't have the special feeling you're actually looking for?
Shwajn Design will transform your idea into an invitation people will remember for years, and will want to keep as a reminder of your great event!

Where no man has gone before...

Great home decorations

The love between you both us unstoppable, and everybody who enters your love nest should not doubt that anymore!
You're looking for an awesome picture of you and your loved one ,maybe your children or your furbabies, but you're expecting more than just the plain old background of your own garden?

Provide Shwajn Design with a good picture, and we'll turn it into an amazing picture.
From now on, your visitors will gaze at your walls with pictures like this, especially on a nice big canvas!
Make them wonder where you found such an awesome setting for your picture...

Contact us to see what we might realize with your picture, depending on your source material.

Bad luck? No such thing!
Let's do something about that... 

Your wedding day, the most beautiful day of your life so far.
Every little detail has been taken care of. Even the photographer is doing a banging job.

But sadly, the weather is here to take away the joy. Or maybe your most beautiful picture happens to be with alot of background noise, which you'd rather not have.

Random people, ugly buildings, anything that does not fit your picture, those are all good reasons to turn your beautiful picture into one that you'll want to show all of your friends.

Talk to us, as posibilities are nearly endless,
Shwajn Design just might have the solution, a way to save your picture and make you want to keep it in your collection!

Awesome photoshoot

But someone missed a detail...

Your photographer did an amazing job.
The photoshoot you hired him/her for, is filled with outstanding pictures. Of course, because as a customer, you expect nothing but the best.

But even though you provided the photographer with a beatiful setting for the shoot, there's a tiny space where the lens should not go.

Sadly, the greatest picture of the entire shoot, where for example your favorite horse is showing off like no other, someone forgot to check the surroundings.

So instead of blending in with the rest of the shoot, your most spectacular picture does't do the trick.

No worries, provide us with the supposed to be amazing picture, add one of the other pictures from the shoot with a good background, and we'll make it work as if it's always been this way!

Designing my way