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One of a kind designs


All designs that I create for printing on clothing can be found and bought through the Shwajn Design webshop.
Here you can choose on what kind of clothing you'd like the design printed on, depending on your own style and comfort.
Wearing Shwajn Design prints is wearing one of a kind clothing. And that's exactly how it should be, because in the end, you are also one of a kind! ;-)

Like my shirts, but don't quite find your thing?

Although the Shwajn Design shirts are unique, it's always possible that you actually already have in mind what you want to be printed on your shirt.

Maybe you've got exactly in mind what it should look like...
Or perhaps you have a great idea for a design, but you don't have the imagination to transform it into a design?

No matter which of those is the case, talking works. Contact Shwajn Design with your idea, and by exchanging thoughts, maybe we'll find a way to create your own shirt design especially for you, or your friends, an upcoming bachelor party, your sports club, beer tasting buddies, and so on...

At Shwajn Design, there are always posibilities!

Designing my way